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BookScanner App app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 2560 ratings )
Education Book
Developer: If Then Dev, LLC
1.99 USD
Current version: 3.0.1, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 10 Dec 2012
App size: 13.13 Mb

BookScanner App is the ideal app for anyone who has to work with a popular reading comprehension system in school. How many times have you had to type in a book name to find out what level it is, or how many points the book is worth while holding the book in your hand?

With BookScanner App, you can quickly and easily scan the barcode off the back of the book to find out all the critical information you need to know. Your scanned books will save to a history list for easy reference later on. BookScanner will find the quiz number, ATOS (also ZPD) level, points, word count, and interest level. Your history can be referenced from within the app, or you can now email and print the book list as well.

This is a Universal App with custom screens for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices to fit the specific screen size - including support for iPhone 7 and 7Plus screen sizes.

Feedback from parents, school teachers, and librarians is that this app is a MUST have!

*AR and Accelerated Reader are registered trademarks of Renaissance Learning. BookScanner App and If Then Dev, LLC are in no way affiliated with Renaissance Learning, Inc.
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Pros and cons of BookScanner App app for iPhone and iPad

BookScanner App app good for

I use this app anytime I walk into a book store. It saves me money and time!
The "scan barcode" option is awesome. It doesnt catch every AR book but having to type in a title once in a while is much nicer than typing in every one! Also, I like that it keeps a history of the books youve scanned. I can easily see what AR books I have in my classroom library. It can even sort by level or by title which is great when trying to help kids look for books. Thanks so much for this!
I like this app, scanning the barcode is very quick and accurate. If it improved a couple of items, I could give it 5 stars. First, since AR is changing their system from Book Level to Lexile, it would be very helpful to see that information provided in the app after it finds the scanned book. Secondly, it would be worth 6 stars if this could also be used as a check-out system for my classroom library.
New update seems to have messed up the scanning. I cannot get it to work consistently.
This app works the way it should. A great app for parents of elementary school students.
This app scans books really quick. What i like is that it saves the books in the history so you can scan a bunch and then look at them all at once.

Some bad moments

This app is totally useless! You might as well just look them up on the website. I love the idea, but the scanner always tells me that it is a generic bar code. Wasted $2
This app isnt 100% accurate. Its frustrating when it seems to have the title and picture right but the test information is wrong. There are many books with similar titles but if its being scanned using the usb, why would it come up with the wrong book? It would be great if it was more accurate in the searches.
This app is junk. Waste of money. Every book I scan says that it doesnt have an AR quiz to go with it yet I scanned a book my daughter JUST took a quiz on this morning and it says there is no quiz. Very annoyed that I wasted money on this!
As a 4th grade teacher, I love this app. As we get new books for our class library, I am able to scan them quickly and get them labeled and in the hands of the student right away. The app tells the title, author, AR points, AR level, and AR quiz number. I also recommend it for parents to use at home to help your child find books at an appropriate reading level. It doesnt have every book in AR but it has a lot!
I have recommended this app to other teachers in my building. Love it! Not every book is listed but its fine.
This app makes going to the library and bookstore a breeze. No more waiting for the website to load. I recommend this app to all my friends!