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Super convenient!

I love this app! It’s so easy and convenient to use.


This is so useful

Mixed Feelings

I have mixed feelings about this app because it works effectively as described; but if you want the Lexile number, you have to pay an additional fee!!! I bought this app to locate the Lexile levels of books that aren’t already listed elsewhere. I’m an Asst. Librarian serving parents of school children, so I look up Lexile levels often. I can’t afford to pay this additional fee for every book! This rating would be 5 stars if I didn’t have to pay an additional fee for the Lexile numbers for the books.

Immediate Information

I have just spent my lunch break downloading and trying this app. I think it’s great. However how can I retrieve this information to attach to the books in my classroom library. Do I email myself? Help!!

Doesn’t have Guided Reading Level (GRL)

I purchased this app to help my daughter’s teacher “level” some new books in her collection. Unfortunately, the standard GRL system that the school uses does not show up in the information after you scan a book. It looks like a decent app otherwise, but didn’t do the one function that I was looking for.

Helpful with limitations

For lower grade individual books it’s great but it doesn’t work with anthologies like “a collection of dr Seuss” or 10 Pete the cat stories. Wish it could use title but the scanning feature is great

Fantastic Mr Fox Ronald Dahl

5 Star

Expected More

The scanner works only on a few of my sons books. When it gives me the option to search by title, the page goes blank and does not work.. I hope this can be resolved as I feel this would be a great app to help me figure out the Lexie level of his books.

Books in Spanish

I teach in a bilingual classroom setting and I wish there were more books available in Spanish.

Books not entered

We buy A LOT of Scholastic book order books but they don’t all have A. R. levels. Who ever is in charge needs to get crackin’ entering the newer books.

Faulty Reading

Lately, when scanning books, it shows the cover, gives all of the info (test number, points, words) but none of the info is correct. When my kids type the test number into the AR site, a totally different book appears.

Very helpful

I am happy with this app. But I would love for it to have a couple features not currently available. It would be a huge help if we can put a check mark next to the books that have been read. I have more than one child’s book list here and it’s getting harder to keep up with who’s read which book. Maybe adding a few different color check marks can help tell who read what also. That would make this 5 stars

Finding book levels

Many books don’t show up when I scan them or type in the title on the app but do when I look on renlearn.

Horrible app

This app is horrible. It scans and gives you information but when you have your students actually try to use the Quiz numbers they aren’t even for the right books. I would say 90% of the books I scanned were wrong. Time wasted. Just used Accelerated Reader websites. I wish I had my $3 back. I’ve spent enough money trying to make my job easier and this has cost me more time than anything!

Best app EVER!!!!!

So worth the price. This app was AMAZING during our Book Fair. Took only a few seconds to find a book. My new favorite tool for the library. No more searching for AR quiz numbers, BL and points.

Fails to recognize the correct book or quizz

It is a good tool. But, in a many occasions the book scanned and quiz number is not recognized in the school AR. Which means my kid wasted time reading a book that will not count or be done for an AR quizz.

Best app ever!

LOVE!!!! As a teacher always looking for books to fill my classroom library, this app is a lifesaver! I can quickly scan the barcode at a garage sale or goodwill and know immediately if it is appropriate for my students. Seriously don’t know what I’d do without this app!!


I think it is great


Pretty good app. Have had to double check against Renaissance website when app doesn’t have the book.

Fast answers, easy to use

Even when I’m on a library’s WiFi, I get immediate results. It’s super fast. Simple!

I wish it had...

I wish it had the ability to keep count of how many books I have for one title. It doesn’t keep track of how many books you have in your library at all. Id also like to see it have the ability to send my complete list to my pc. Not as happy as I’d hoped to be.


Awesome app to have for kids, we use it all the time and it’s always accurate.

Works sometimes.

Half time books don’t show up and i type them in ARBookFind and they show up.

Love it

Awesome app! Some books have not been rated (if they are new.) Maybe if a book is scanned, and there is no data, the app can alert you when that book is loaded into their system? Just an idea...

Need to add more books

I like this app but please add newer books!

Why did you have to make this

You should have every single book every single book should have an air level I don’t like it so stop but please don’t delete it OK thank you bye

Better before the update.

Can't manually put in a isbn number or book title. So if you're trying to decide to order a book or not you cannot tell if it's in their reading level or not. Before the update you could put in a number but they took that away.

Wrong about several..

Labeled all my books for AR this summer but my poor students have had several occasions where this app provides a quiz number and matching book cover but there is no quiz on the AR site. When it works it’s really convenient ! But Feel awful for the kids who discover those incorrectly labeled books.

Only partially accurate

We have found that 75% of the time, this app is great. The other 25% of the time it gives a false AR score.


I think this app awesome because you get to see if your air book has points a lot of points or if it has less votes and you can see if a book is AR think you and I love you

Not what I expected

At first I was happy to use this app instead of having to type every book into the AR book finder website to find the quiz numbers and reading levels. But then the students started coming to me saying that the book quiz didn’t match the title or it wasn’t on the website. So now I have to check all the books that I scanned to make sure they are AR books and have the right quiz number printed. Don’t purchase it. I regret it and haven’t used it since.

Why I like this app

I like this app because it tells you how many A.R points it is .And what the reading level it is . That is why I like this app Sincerely, Emma

Hmmm, Dinosaurs Before Dark

Every Junie B. Jones book I scan comes back at Dinosaurs Before Dark unless I type in the ISBN. So it appears if it can’t find a book, the default is Dinosaurs Before Dark. Tips: make it easier to search by ISBN (not have to scan a UPC to pull it up) Make it easier to search multiple books (instead of going back to home screen each time)

Good so far

So far this is quick and easy to use. I wish I could search by title directly from the scanner (rather than going to the website). I also wish this gave dra/scholastic levels with 1 scan. Other than that it’s been great

Very Helpful in Finding AR Books

This app is very helpful when trying to find AR books for the kids to read!

AR must have

I search through used books with AR Bookfinder at my side. I have passed it on to many others and the schools now reference it for parents to use on their website.

Pretty good

I wish there was a place to report wrong scans. 76164 - a hat and 22100 - who hid are incorrect in you data base. I also wish it showed if it had a recorded voice. But besides that I am enjoying it.

It WAS great last year

I’m a Second Grade Teacher and I used this app all the time, last year my students even used it with ease. It was so helpful in finding the AR level and number. It hasn’t worked yet, for the 2 1/2 months we’ve been at school. It keeps saying it can’t find the Accelerated Reader site, whether I’m using our schools network or my own personal network or any other network. It used to be great. *Revision two days later: I deleted the app and reinstalled it, as recommended by the developer. It’s working great now!!! I’m so thrilled. I took my rating from a 2-star to a 5-star!!

AR reading program

If you’re child does the AR (accelerated reader) program at school this ap is a time saver. It allows you to scan the barcode on the back of the book and you get the reading level, quiz number, title and author. My stress level has been reduced by having this ap on my phone when shopping for books, at the library and for the books we have at home. Love it! I will be telling my children’s teachers at their fall conferences this week!

AR readers

What any easy way to stick to my child's reading level. Love this app.


I just purchased the app for nothing! I've scanned 15 books and the app shows the same error message... what a waste!

Needs work

Often crashes Has delay in finding books Can't find many AR books The basics are not done well These should be improved not sure why they have not been in the 4 years we have been using the app

So Helpful & Easy!

My child needs to read books for the AR program and this app makes it so easy to determine if the books she selects are eligible for a quiz and helps us determine if it's at her reading level. We use it all the time at the bookstore and library as well as books we have at home.

Love this app!

So great to have this tool when purchasing books. Great to use while thrift shopping for books and easy for the kiddo to use!!

Teacher's Dream!

Love this app to set up my classroom library!! And now, since it's sooo easy, I'm thinking about doing my own children's libraries. My daughter will start Kindergarten this year and I'm thinking of doing both of my children's libraries in their rooms now too!!

I keep getting the same response

Each time I scan a barcode I'm getting an error message that says it's a "Generic Bar Code" and have to type in the ISBN #. Once I type that in, I get the information, but I was really wanting to use the scanner part of the app. Is anyone else reporting this problem?

Years now

I just happened to find this app when I was trying to see if the kids books I have were AR appropriate my son can read what we have at home. I have since gone through every book I have at home to give my growing sons a huge chance at success with AR. This app is amazing and super easy to use!

A helpful tool in the school library

Since Accelerated Reader is a reading program our school uses, keeping track of what book is what level can be overwhelming. BOOKScanner is a very helpful tool!

Grandson's Are Reading

My K-2 teacher friend showed me this APP today while helping me search for developmentally appropriate Early Reader books in a local bookstore for my emerging reader grandson. All Level 1, 2, 3 books are NOT created equal, & this APP proved itself tremendously helpful in choosing various level books that are actually all at the same Word skill level for his mastery and further skill development. This APP is going with us to the library and as we reserve books online, too! Summer reading rocks on! Thank You!

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